Hi! I'm Kaymi.

I have over 16 years of experience in the design and advertising industry. In 2009, I have started my first freelancing gig and in 2010, I've set up my limited company and have been freelancing since. I am capable of producing an entire campaign from conceptualising to visualising then finalising to specs. I am also comfortable working in print, motion graphics or html coded banners. My clients like me for my "can do" and calm attitude towards tight deadlines. I will also often advise my clients on the feasibility of the concepts, timelines and using better designs or copy to provide clarity for user experience. You will find a vast variety of works which I've designed and produced here.

Incredibles 2

Design and animation

Disney's download & keep

Design and animation

Dulux Live

Design and animation

Disney Wishes

Design and animation

Black Panther Theatrical


Dulux Press Conference

Design and animation




Video Edit


Video Edit


Design and animation


Design and animation


Banner design and animation


Email design and build


Banner build

Jack Daniel

Email design and build

EE - Summer

Digital display design and build

Harley Davidson

Banner design and build

Magnum - Release the beast

Video edits & UI and digital designs

The OMO Explorer Kits

Concept, shoot, retouch and animation

Cornetto - Break the Ice

Video edit, digital display and social

Out of Reach

Video edits and social

Made with Plants

Video edits

What will you say?

Video and digital display

Messy Learning

Social post designs

Little Creator

Web design

Crack the Tub

UI, Mobile and Web design

Skip Ultimate

Social & HTML5 banners


Social & HTML5 banners


Advertising Campaign


Video edits & Display banners

Change 4 Life

Design and Animation

Games 4 Life

Design and Animation

Battlefield Pre-Post Release

Digital designs and animation

Beats Pills

Banner design and animation

M&S Fashion

UI design, animation and digital displays


UI design and banners

Unofficial Guide to Banking

Illustration & Animation

Beats Solo

Advertising Campaign


Banner design and build

Barclays Cycle

UI design

I love 80s


Lipton Bubble chaser

App design

Decidi Tu

Site takeover

Be Naughty

Takeover Designs

M&S Mother's Day

QR Code Video Diary

Discover Ireland

Banner design and build

Need For Speed

Digital Billboard At Westfield

Feel Unique

Particles Effect


Digital Display

Plants VS Zombies

Digital Display

Shape Solutions

Digital Display Visualisation


Game design

Get connected


Art Direction / Interaction / Motion / Design / Front-End Development / Social
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